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Kona Tax Plus has helped enormously with my taxes, not to mention helping with a variety of other financial matters. I am truly appreciative. They are very knowledgeable, efficient, and do everything in a timely manner. Highly recommend Kona Tax Plus.

Heather C.
Angelina Galiza is amazing! Paying taxes is supposed to be miserable, but I leave this office feeling confident, accomplished, and happy. This is thanks to the hard work of Angelina. She is thorough with meeting your needs and making sure you understand all the parts of the process. She has great advise as well.
Molly P.
Angelina was literally a godsend, she helped me with everything, most of which I didn’t understand. She’s very easy to talk to and made every effort to maximize my returns. Only wish I found her earlier. From zero to ten with ten being the highest I’d give her a 10+

Kawika S.
Angelina was fantastic to work with. She was patient and thorough while preparing our taxes this year, which consisted of 3 different state filings. We were extremely pleased with our return and felt her prices are very reasonable. I can easily recommend her for your tax needs! A great all around experience.
Timothy H.
This was my first time to do taxes with Kona Tax Plus. I really liked Angelina G's previous reviews So I gave it a try. Angelina was amazing because she got me an appointment right away I appreciated her articulate skills and how she knew all the right questions to ask me for the little things I forgot to provide initially. She is a true professional and I felt like she really made a difference in my life because she provided a quality service. I will be back to Kona Tax Plus next year!
Walk-In Trim
Aloha, this year because we started receiving some of our retirement money it was a little different than Normal years! Plus Hawaii taxes differently than in other states. So we felt it was better to go to a professional specializing in taxes rather than chance making big mistakes using an on line site! We were so glad we did! I called In the morning and was told to come in noon that day! We were greeted by Angelina who walked us into her office! We spent about 1 1/2 hours going through tax information, questions, and paperwork! Angelina thoroughly went through our tax situation and explained in detail how we could adjust our deductions to make the numbers work in our favor! Although it was not fun knowing that we were going to have to pay at least we knew how to change that and that left us feeling much better after leaving the office! I could go on and on, we were just really pleased with the level of professional service we received from tax plus and Angelina! We made sure we got plenty of cards to pass out to friends and family! We have found our tax person for life!!!!! Mahalo Angelina
Gary B.

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